Resources for Better Gardening

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide you with the resources, knowledge, and confidence to make your garden look the absolute best it can, in every season and for all weather conditions. The kitchen may be the soul of the home, but the garden is the heart. For quiet solitude or festive gatherings, there is no finer location. And remember much of the joy of a quality garden is in the time you spend making it that way, so enjoy the process.

Gardening Books

Books, well, there is only one

There seems to be an infinite supply of books about every element of gardening you can imagine. Just pick a topic, search at Amazon and be prepared to be overwhelmed. And its not just the gardenin part, there are books on decoration, landscape, patio, lighting, you name it, and you'll find someone has written a book about it! Click here to see best sellers in Gardening

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Gardening & Garden Decor Websites

Sometimes reading a book or blog post isn't enough. If you're a visual person, there is no substitute for "seeing is believing". Head on over to and type in a question, problem, or curiosity. You'll find that someone, somewhere, has probably had your same problem and found a solution. That solution, it is now shared with you in a video! For an example, the video above has over 4 million views, wow!

Executive Gardener

One of my favorite resources is the Executive Gardener youtube channel. Here, you can find well produced, effective tips, tricks, and techniques for many common gardening situations. This particular video deals with one of the most common subjects, growing awesome tomatoes in containers on the porch, patio, or backyard. Get more tomatoes, faster, that are bigger and tastier than you could imagine would come from a a container! Click here to see the entire video.

Fountains for the Garden

The type and style of garden fountains staggers the imagination. They range from classic garden fountains with a tiered shape, with water flowing from one layer to another, to ultramodern designs with sharp, sleek, clean lines with water flowing in a single stream into a larger basin. Garden fountains are available for any outdoor decor. Choosing a style for your garden fountain based on your own tastes as well as the overall asthetic of your garden.

Don't forget the sounds of the garden

Often, us gardeners are so concerned about the visual effects of our gardens and its decor, we forget about the other senses. The obvious for a garden is smell, fresh flowers, plants, shrubs and trees can create a perfume effect. But the sounds.... ohh the sounds... The tinkle of water from a fountain or a pond bubbler comes to mind. But nothing beats a great set of windchimes, tuned to perfection. They come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes right down to it, its the sound that makes the difference.

Other Gems for Better Gardens

The mighty Google

Nothing beats a google search for finding specific tips, tricks, and supplies. With a little poking around in google itself, you can limit your searches to just recent content, you can receive only results from Universities (those websites have a domain name ending in .edu). Another great place to look for quality information is the US Government's official web search engine, located at Happy gardening, and happy hunting! ~ Jessica